Insurance Replacement

We guarantee

At 1849 Goldsmiths in our Manchester jewellery repair workshop we understand that our jewellery has both financial and sentimental value for our customers. That’s why we make sure to offer you trustworthy, affordable jewellery insurance options. When your purchase is insured, we guarantee the replacement of your piece in the event of accidental damage or loss.

Recreating Your Unique Piece

If your custom designed piece of jewellery is stolen or destroyed in the event of a natural disaster or fire, we can recreate your unique piece.

When We Can Replace Your Piece

We will replace or repair your jewellery in the event of:


– Theft
– Accidental damage
– Loss due to natural disasters or fire

Would You Like More Information?

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our jewellery insurance options and benefits.


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