CAD & 3D Printing

Three Dimentional “Print”

We have embraced every aspect of 21st century jewellery making including computer aided design (CAD) , 3D printing, rapid prototype modeling and image rendering.


This enables the client not only to see a lIfelike picture of the proposed piece but even allows examination of the three dimentional “print” before maufacture for that extra peace of mind.


With our in house precious metal casting, finishing, and stone setting you really can see the piece from start to finish

Always in Style

At 1849 Goldsmiths, we are always up to date on upcoming trends and current fashions. We are also experts at creating traditional pieces, recognised for their timeless beauty. Whatever your style, we can help you design the perfect piece.

Our Design Services

– Jewellery designed by you
– Custom engagement rings
– Jewellery alterations and re-styling
– Shaped wedding bands

Need Help Creating a Custom Design?

Are you unsure of what you want? Do you need help creating a custom design? Feel free to contact our experienced jewellers for assistance. Bring pictures, drawings, or just your ideas and we can help you decide.